Working towards a carbon-negative world.

We have made it our mission to create carbon-negative products and solutions so our customers can fulfill their voluntary and imposed decarbonization goals.

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How the world can decarbonize

LTZ Green DEF ™ 

Our green diesel exhaust fluid can be used today as it is chemically identical to fossil DEF. This enables the continued use of the existing supply chain, infrastructure, and diesel engine technology

Biomethane (RNG)

Leveraging the power of biomethane is the best way to decarbonize more value chains. It's one of the few ways to introduce a carbon-negative element into existing operations.

Green Hydrogen

Green H2 will be an essential enabler of the transition to sustainable energy. Produced from biomethane it will be carbon-negative. This will help to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors.


Discover how transport companies can decarbonize today

More and more owners and operators of Diesel fleets are wondering how they can reduce their footprint immediately as the demands to reduce are placed on them today. Read our newest white paper to find out what options exist, what works today, and how to meet your climate goals while not changing anything operationally.

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Decarbonization ≠ Carbon-Negative

In the global effort to decarbonize, to reduce the carbon output, we need solutions that are carbon-negative. Solutions that actually remove carbon from the atmosphere. Yes, every little bit helps but in the sum of things we will need to leverage every existing resource and technology.

At LTZ we prioritize economics over doctrine. We believe in and only follow the truth. Only facts and evidence are accepted in the thinking that shapes our path forward. Bold moves create results, and we make them by taking calculated risks. Our solutions are happening now, not 2050.


Less Than Zero

LTZ Energy Solutions stands for ‘Less Than Zero’. We made it our mission to produce high-quality, carbon-negative products that can be implemented today to reduce our clients’ carbon footprints so they can meet their ambitious imposed and voluntary decarbonization goals.

Less Than Zero is at the heart of what we do and we stay focussed on Net Negative technologies & products. Many great opportunities come up along the way and they all need to pass the muster of being a true contribution to Net Negativity and making economic sense.


Discover how you can make a difference with LTZ Energy Solutions

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Most discussions about fighting climate change focus on electricity and the need for renewable energy. De-carbonizing the way we generate electricity would be a huge step, but it won’t be enough if we don’t reach zero net emissions from every sector of the economy within 50 years (and make a serious dent in the next ten). That includes the agriculture, forestry, and land use sector, which is responsible for 24 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions—just one percentage point less than electricity.

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