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Investing in decarbonization means investing in tomorrow's biggest opportunity.

Investor Highlights

We are in business to achieve net negative carbon emissions and reverse climate change by producing carbon- negative, biomethane-based products. To fulfill this mission we are always open to meet like-minded investors.

Decarbonization is the future

In order to tackle a gigantic challenge like reversing climate change, all industries will have to adopt a decarbonization strategy. We focus on the industries and sectors that are hard to abate. Green hydrogen will be an essential enabler of the transition to sustainable energy. Produced from biomethane it will be carbon-negative. This will help to decarbonize hard-to-abate sectors.

From Biomethane to Green Hydrogen

Leveraging the power of biomethane is the best way to decarbonize more value chains. It's one of the few ways to introduce a carbon-negative element into existing operations. We see the enormous manure-based biomethane potential that exists in the world today as an extraordinary opportunity that can be leveraged to create much needed products like carbon-negative and thus truly green hydrogen.

Real world solutions for the now

Prioritize economics over doctrine. We believe in and only follow the truth. Only facts and evidence are accepted in the thinking that shapes our path forward. Bold moves create results, and we make them by taking calculated risks. Our solutions are happening now, not 2050. Just like our product LTZ Green DEF ™.

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Disclaimer & Disclosure

This webpage does not constitute an offer of securities. Such an offer may only be made by means of a confidential offering memorandum. The information contained in this summary, including any projections, is not complete and is only intended to provide prospective investors with a basic understanding of the Company and its prospects. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Further, there are substantial risks associated with the Company’s ability to achieve its prospects, including, without limitation, changes in applicable laws, rules, and regulations, risks associated with the economic environment, the financing markets, and risks associated with the Company’s ability to execute on its business plan. The investment is speculative, illiquid, and risks include a potential loss of principal capital.

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