Become a biomethane business partner

Partner up with us as biomethane business partner to build new or use existing infrastructure and be part of the global energy transition.

Partnering on renewable natural gas pays off

We look at biomethane, or renewable natural gas, sourced from manure as a valuable building block of the global energy transition. It enables one of the most important aspects of our mission to to help hard-to-abate industries to decarbonize. Manure from a farm in California, for example can help a transportation company on the East Coast to lower their carbon footprint. As a biomethane business partner you can help realize this today.

In order to even better fulfill this mission, we are looking to onboard more biomethane business partners. A recent Wall Street Journal article explored some farmers’ experience with this.

Initial investment coverage up to


Profit share up to


Average revenue increase


Why partnering makes sense for farms

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Full partnership

We believe in strong, transparent, and aligned partnerships. Great things can only be achieved when everyone is pulling in the same direction. That's why we want to sit in the same boat with the organizations that provide us with high-quality materials like biomethane (RNG).

Additional revenue

Running a farm is a complex endeavor and subject to many factors beyond your control. Generating additional revenues with something you are already doing only makes sense. We manage the downstream biomethane process so it doesn't affect your operation.

Farm prestige

Doing something good not only increases the actual value of the operation but also the prestige of it. Sure, the bank might not accept prestige as a deposit but existing and future partners and clients will certainly take it into consideration in this increasingly mindful world.

Who can become a biomethane business partner?

Most livestock farms qualify and while size is relevant to calculate the biomethane potential we do not have any minimums in terms of number of animals.

Biomethane business partner cattle farm
Cattle farms
Biomethane business partner dairy farm
Dairy farms
Biomethane business partner swine farm
Swine farms
Biomethane business partner poultry farm
 Poultry farms

All locations worldwide

Family and industrial farms

Existing facility and greenfield

Starting the partnership journey is easy

Step 1 - Get in touch

Simply submit the registration form below and we will quickly review the information you provided and will get back to you via email or phone to schedule a meeting with you.

Step 2 - Virtual or in-person first meeting

In our first virtual or physical meeting we will get to know each other and share some of the program details with you so you can decide whether you want to move ahead.

Step 3 - Site visit & assessment

When you decide that a partnership with LTZ Energy Solutions is an option with you, we will schedule a site visit so one of our experts can perform a thorough site assessment.

Step 4 - Partnership agreement

Once both sides are comfortable with all aspects of the partnership and we have an agreement in place we can immediately begin with its implementation.

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